College Grants Explained

College Grants Explained

With the United States and much of  the rest of the world in economic turmoil,this is a great time to think about improving your skills in order to help you land a job in this super competitive environment.  An education is something that is essential to bettering yourself and giving you opportunities you might not otherwise qualify for.  Many people want to attend tech school, college or online college but are afraid they cannot afford to do so.  Please do not let money be the only thing preventing you from improving your education.  There are a variety of funding options available (scholarships and grants) and we would like to help you obtain the funding you need to improve your education.  Many people do not know where to start, so we have good news, you are at the right spot!  With that in mind, let’s get started on our journey with the article: College Grants Explained.

In order for you to develop the skills you will need to improve your career you will need higher education – A College or University.  Now, having said that, there is only 1 small problem – How to pay ?

The first thing you need to consider is an Education Grant.

A College Grant is an award given to a student by the State or Federal Government (or sometimes both).  The advantage of a grant when paying for your college education is that a Grant, unlike a loan, does not need to be repaid.  This is why it is the preferred form of financial aid.  Grants should therefore be your first option in financing your education.

Educational grants are awarded based on the students financial need, their eligibility and funds availability.  In addition, grants are often distributed on a “First Come – first served” basis.  That means you need to apply as early as possible to ensure you obtain the grant money you desire.  Education Grants are also desirable as they can be used to pay for tuition and

other college related expenses. These government education grants exist for both undergraduate and graduate students.

Last year, the 2009-2010 school year, the average award across grants per student per year was $2,278 with the maximum award being $5,350. That is a lot of money per student. Making it definitely well worth it to apply for school grants.

We will be detailing the various types of grants in the future so please visit our site often.  Until then, let us provide you with some additional information and answer some questions you might have.
Who is Eligible for One of these Government grants?  Education Grants were designed mostly for undergraduate students, but graduate students may receive these grants in some cases. In order to be eligible students must be enrolled or accepted for enrollment before they apply. Weather grants are
awarded or not will depend on your FAFSA application result. Very often the school will make the decision if you qualify for certain state or school based college grants. Sometimes schools are not able to decide automatically. In this scenario you may be required to apply to grant administrator in order to be considered for a particular grant.

When you fill out your FAFSA forms, the information from that application is used to calculate the Expected Family Contribution, or EFC. This EFC report determines whether the student is eligible for a Pell Grants or not. EFC stands for Expected Family Contribution. This EFC is the number that is used to determine your eligibility for federal financial aid.

This number results from the financial information you provided in your FAFSA application. Your EFC is reported to you on your Student Aid Report (SAR).

How and Where do I Apply?  Most are provided by the federal government, so you apply by submitting your FAFSA application. For other non federal grants you have to find the administrative contact for the grant. You may contact him directly and see what the enrollment process is for that specific grant program.

Where to Apply
Federal Student Aid Information
Phone: 1-800-433-3243
TDD: 1-800-730-8913
8 a.m. to 8 p.m., M-F (EST)
Phone: 1-800-621-3115 – Default Resolution Group
Phone: 1-800-557-7392 – Direct Loan Consolidation
Phone: 1-888-869-4169 – Disability Discharge Loan Servicing
Phone: 1-800-433-3243 – Federal Student Aid Information
Phone: 1-202-377-3800 – Office of the Ombudsman FSA

Important Questions

Can I apply for student grants if I have a student loan?  This question comes up a lot. Yes, you can apply for student grants if you have a student loan. You can always apply for grants, even if you have a student loan as long as you did not default on your college loan. To be honest I would apply for grants even if I was in default on my student loan. Chances are you will find a program that will give you grants for your education even though you ran into debt problems. It does not hurt to try. Make sure to be legitimate.

Can I receive education grants if I am enrolled less than half-time?
Yes, you can receive education grants if you are enrolled less than half time but you will be able to receive only the Federal Pell Grant and the FSEOG. Moreover, you may not receive as much as if you were enrolled full-time. For the ACG and the National SMART Grant, you must be enrolled full-time.

What is the most important requirement in order to receive college grants?
In most scenarios college grants are awarded based on your financial situation. If you are in a financial need college grants may be awarded to you. In a scenario where you are a wealthy student grants may not be awarded. I believe the most important tip in receiving grants is speed. You must be one of the first students to submit your application. I am sure there will be more than one student in financial need, and we know at this point college grant money is limited.

To Sum it All Up – Education grants exist if you are willing to receive higher education and you do not want to pay for it using your own money.

When looking for financial aid, grants are the first thing you should look for as they mostly do not have to be repaid. It is free money for your education. Everyone should apply since the Education Grants were built for everyone in mind. Worst case scenario you may receive less than full amount, but you should be awarded some money.

You made your first step by reading to the end of this article and the next step for you is to fill out and submit your FAFSA application. If you stop right here you wasted time reading the above text. Do not waste time, visit our website and find out more information. In case you are awarded money, visit us back and share your success with us.

Good luck.

Seal of the United States Department of Education

college grants explained

College Grants and Scholarships

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Department of Education Offers Colege Funding App

For those of you with a tablet and/or smart phone, you will be happy to know that the US Department of Education has released an “APP” for financial planning for your college education.

The application is designed to be easy to use and intuitive.  It will hopefully help you understand and track your financial planning.

The app is available in English and Spanish.

You can download the app here:


Seal of the United States Department of Education



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Future Educator Awarded $2,500 Military School Grant

An ambitious educator received a $2,500 college scholarship to help further her education and reach her objective of working in a special education dept. The 2012 LowVARates $2,500 fall college scholarship was given to Ninette Fowler of Aurora, IL. Fowler now juggles many responsibilities and spends her packed days as a mother, student and working professional. “I have been graced with a great supportive family. While I'm at college, my elders, mum and father-in-law have provided a lot of help,” Fowler claimed. LowVARates. Fowler has been married to her partner, Michael, for just over 4 years and has three children.

The kids include : 8-year-old boy, Logan, 6-year-old boy, Austin, and a 4-year-old child, London. Michael is currently attending school as well and majoring in Graphic Design. Fowler is presently working as a paraprofessional at a local Illinois middle school and works close to 40 hours per week. In her spare time, she's attending school at Aurora University and taking care of her 3 kids. “I became a paraprofessional at the college I currently work for and fell head over heels in love with education,” Fowler announced. “My dream is to one day be an administrator or coordinator at a school and be in charge of the method of picking curriculum and running a special education department.”. Down the road Fowler also has dreams of running her very own special education department in her Aurora community.

She feels each kid merits a location where they feel safe and can enjoy fun activities. With a hectic schedule, Fowler easily manages all of her responsibilities with a grin and a simple methodology. “My guidance to any ma in a corresponding situation is, scheduling, scheduling, scheduling!,” Fowler said. “I attempt to give my family all my attention when I come back home from work and usually study after my kids are out for the count. Family always comes first.”. The annual LowVARates military grant is awarded to a college student with a U.S. Military background or connection.

Fowler’s father is a retired Vietnam U.S. Army vet, her bro is presently active duty in the U.S. Armed forces and her sister is an ex member of the Nation's Guard. Owner of LowVARates Eric Kandell, decided a university grant assisting scholars related to the army would be a great opportunity to give back to army families countrywide. “We are thrilled that Ninette is the winner of the decline 2012 military college scholarship,” Kandell announced.

“LowVARates is constantly looking for methods to give back to army families and the military university scholarship programme is a way for us to help out.”. Fowler is presently studying to receive her Master’s Degree in Special Education and plans to spend the remainder of her career in the education field. The $2,500 will help cover the cost of the 2012 fall Semester for Fowler at Halo Varsity. Low VA Rates is passionate about our Veterans and Military property owners and goes to great lengths to ensure their wishes are met. Low VA Rates will find the absolute best VA loan program for you. The face of the mortgage and housing markets has forever modified in the past couple of years and many unpractised banks, brokers and lenders are jumping on the VA home loan bandwagon.

LowVARates has been doing VA loans for the previous ten years and has years of experience in customers and sellers markets.

The Pittsburgh Meeting Announces The 2013 Memorial State College Grants Award Program 38th Year

The Pittsburgh Meeting and its sponsoring societies, the Spectroscopy Society of Pittsburgh and the Society for Logical Chemists of Pittsburgh, are now accepting plans for the 2013 Pittsburgh Conference Memorial Nationwide School Grants Award Programme. Qualifying organizations are invited to consider trying for one of this year’s awards. The cut off point for invoice of completed applications and offers is Oct first, 2012. Click here to get info regarding the award, the application form, an outline of the suitability standards, and a list of prior award receivers. Awards is scheduled to be announced during January 2013. Faculties chosen will join the list of the more than three hundred establishments honored since the establishment of this programme in 1974. In 1974, two grants of $1,000 each were given.

This year, the maximum funding available for each grant is $10,000, and there'll be at least ten of these awards. Each offer will be reviewed by an evaluation council comprised of members of the SSP and the SACP. Last year, there were 59 proposals from little universities and varsities who met the requirements. The Pittsburgh Conference Commemorative National School Grants Programme, originally established in memory of R. K. Scott, 1955 president of the Pittsburgh Conference, serves as a commemorative to dead members of the Pittsburgh Conference Council by promoting excellence in science education.

Thru the programme, tiny universities can augment their science curricula through grants to purchase hardware and course materials. About Pittcon. The yearly event, Pittcon, (The Pittsburgh Meeting on Logical Chemistry and Applied Spectroscopy) provides funds for these awards. Pittcon is the planet's largest conference and exposition for laboratory science offering the most elaborate technical programme on analytical chemistry and a premier exposition of logical instrumentation, equipment, supplies and services. Visit pittcon to get more information.

Montgomery Job Corps, James Madison Highschool Graduate Honored With An Ashworth University Grant To Chase A Web Associate Degree

James Madison School graduate Curtis Jones, Graysville, AL, is the recipient of a full-ride Ashworth Varsity grant which should allow him to pursue an associate degree online. The scholarship was published during the Montgomery Job Corps / James Madison High School summer graduation ceremony held at the Montgomery Job Corps Center in Montgomery, AL on Fri., August twenty-four, 2012. James Madison School is an official partner of Montgomery Job Corps and a division of Ashworth School. “We're extremely excited that Curtis was selected to receive the scholarship,” related Ms. Glenco Howard, Montgomery Job Corps High School Diploma Instructor.

James Madison High School “He initially came to Montgomery Job Corps to follow his high school diploma and receive career training to work as an electrical craftsman. In combination with hands on career coaching, participating scholars completed core classes to fulfill their graduation necessities. James Madison School has begun collaborating with Job Corps since January 2010 as a preferred provider of high school curricula for the program. Both JMHS and Ashworth College are leaders in distance learning, offering a good range of flexible career-focused diploma and degree programs. “The James Madison School curriculum specifically addresses the requirements of working adults and non-traditional high school students and Curtis is a tribute to the successfulness of this program,” asserted Doctor Leslie Gargiulo, Chief Education Officer for James Madison High-school. “We are excited that he is going to be continuing on with Ashworth College.”. About Job Corps.

Job Corps is a no-cost education and career technical training program administered by the U.S. Department of Labor that helps younger people ages 16 through twenty-four improve the quality of their lives through career technical and educational training. For admissible youth at least sixteen years of age, Job Corps provides all-round skills wanted to achieve success in a career and in life. About Ashworth School and James Madison Highschool. Celebrating 25 years of Training Minds and Changing Lives, leading online college Ashworth College has built a custom of excellence by offering scholars worldwide an intensive range of online school degrees, online certificate programs, career coaching and online high school diploma options that are cost-effective and fit the tight timetables of working adults.

Ashworth offers military education as well as specialized programs for corporate partners and homeschoolers. Headquartered in Peachtree Corners, GA, Ashworth is accredited by the Distance Learning and Training Council (DETC). The Licensing Commission of the DETC is listed by the U.S. Office of Education as a nationally recognised commissioning agency.

Ashworth is parent to James Madison Highschool which is commissioned regionally by the Southern Association of Universities and Faculties Council on Accreditation and School Improvement (SACS CASI), an approval division of AdvancED and further provides career training and vocational programs in the fields of health, business, technology, education, and talented trades thru sister colleges PCDI Canada, Big Apple Institute of Photography and Sheffield College.

Deadline For Ethiopian Heritage Varsity Grant Swiftly Approaches

The Ethiopian Heritage College Grant is presently taking applications from scholars in the Washington, D.C. Metro area who are graduating highschool for the 2012 academic year. The Ethiopian Heritage Grant is financed by Washington, D.C. Legal company Chaikin, Sherman, Cammarata, & Siegel, P.C. Folks living in the Bigger Metropolitan Area of Washington, D.C. Chaikin, Sherman, Cammarata, & Siegel, P.C. Has given information regarding the Ethiopian Heritage Scholarship to D.C. Metro area high school steerage advisors, and requests that counselors encourage all qualified students to apply.

The awardee of the $1,000 scholarship will be selected from the suitable students based primarily on a written essay, the student’s educational standing (judged according to highschool GPA), community service, and other standards. After debating each application, the committee may invite several applicants to a personal interview, where the student’s personality, motivation, ability, and potential will be considered. The Ethiopian Heritage Grant funds will be forked out in 2 equal payments during the months of August 2012 and February 2013. Scholarship money may only be utilised for education-related expenses, for example tuition, accomodation, and books. To maintain suitability, scholarship recipients must show satisfactory educational performance by submitting grades and overall educational performance reports every grading period. Neglecting to submit reports or to maintain satisfactory performance will end in a withholding of scholarship funds. For the sake of grant suitability, the Bigger Urban Area of Washington, D.C. Represents clients in the Washington, D.C, Maryland, and Virginia areas who've suffered heavy injury due to another party’s neglectfulness.

The law firm also accepts qui tam cases on behalf of whistleblowers who report crime against the government, making sure the maximum whistleblower protections and looking for the absolute best whistleblower rewards under the False Claims Act. For over 40 years, the personal injury attorneys at Chaikin, Sherman, Cammarata, & Siegel, P.C. Have helped more than 10,000 victims of failure seek and maximise the compensation they merit for their injuries and losses. The firm’s 3 partners were all selected as 2011 Washington, D.C. Super Barristers. Discover more about the legal company by visiting their website at chaikinandsherman.

Dollar Loan Center Announces Varsity Grant Programme

Company gives $500 scholarship for education expenses at accredited US college. Dollar Loan Center announces its Back-to-School Scholarship Program, offering high school and students the opportunity to win a $500 grant for instructional expenses at a commissioned college or personal career school anywhere in the US. “That is especially true in the money industry. With our Back-to-School Grant Program, Buck Loan Center is providing an opportunity to further aid in teaching our communities.” Brennan, who set up Dollar Loan Center in 1998, is also co-writer of the book Saving Cash : It’s in Your Best Interest. Students can apply for the grant on Dollar Loan Center’s Facebook page or website by February 28, 2012. The application incorporates a short essay on “How technology has affected my private finances.” Essays will be judged on grammar, creativeness and relevancy.

Five finalists will be selected and the scholarship receiver will be decided on March five, 2012. “The Dollar Loan Center Back-to-School Grant Programme is one more impressive way we are extending occasions to those that are actually committed to their schooling and pursuing it,” recounted Brennan. “Our younger people are the leaders of tomorrow and it is up to us to help them make their dreams come true!” Details and rules for the Dollar Loan Center Back-to-School Grant Program can be discovered on the organization's Facebook page and web site. Brennan owns and operates fifty Dollar Loan Center locations throughout Southern Nevada, South Dakota, and Utah.

The philanthropic stores maintain a continual stream of generous giving by supporting a set of established charities. The company and its employees give to lots of affiliations including Las Vegas’ favorite charity, Opportunity Hamlet, and Alice and Sheryl Cooper’s Solid Rock Foundation, among many others. Brennan himself is one of Nevada’s most recognized humanitarians, giving more than $200,000 annually to charities across the country. In 2011 alone, Brennan supported Opportunity Hamlet in a few campaigns, the fifteen Foundation, Henderson Little League, Olive Crest, and dozens of other meriting organizations. Dollar Loan Center is also the largest supplier of short term credit services in South Dakota and Clark County (Vegas) Nevada.

In 2007, Entrepreneur Magazine listed the company among its “Hot 500″ Swiftest Growing Businesses and Entrepreneurs.” For full info, visit dontbebroke.

Phoenix Family Legal Company Offers School Scholarship For Kids Of Divorce

The Law Offices of Scott David Stewart have established the Family Matters Grant for Kids of Divorce– to provide financial help to those students that have been thru the hardship of divorce. With varsity costs and routine expenses lifting, divorced parents face even greater finance challenges in their efforts to pay for their children’s education at any one of Arizona’s universities. One Phoenix family law firm has stepped in to offer some sorely needed monetary assistance with the Family Matters Scholarship for Kids of Divorce. Scholarship recipients must be enrolled full-time, with at least twelve semester credit hours.

Essays created by grant candidates will be judged by an independent panel. As children touched by divorce, student candidates will write about the impact that divorce has had on their lives and on their families, and how they triumphed over challenges during their most difficult times. The scholarship’s founder, Arizona family law lawyer Scott David Stewart, is not unfamiliar with the problems that divorce foists on the youngsters.

“In all custody cases, the parties’ feelings run really high. The children are pulled into this very difficult situation. They do not see why their mum and dad will not stay together, and they frequently feel answerable for their mum and dad break-up,” expounded Stewart. “Any student that overcomes these challenges and aims to attend an Arizona varsity is worthy of our help.”. Scholarship winners will receive $500 toward their Fall or Spring semester schooling, books, meal plans, or housing.

Winners will also see their essays published on the official website of the Law Offices of Scott David Stewart, pllc, the Phoenix area family law firm that established this unique grant. The Family Matters scholarship will be offered every semester to newly qualified scholars first, but past scholarship winners with continuing money desires may reapply. To apply, come and visit : sdslawaz. Scott David Stewart, a Martindale-Hubbell AV-rated solicitor, is the owner and principal of the Law Offices of Scott David Stewart, pllc. Areas of practice include divorce, child custody, parenting time and visitation, child assistance, spousal support (alimony), property and asset division. Every case accepted by the Law Offices of Scott David Stewart, pllc, receives private attention, careful fastidious preparation, talented negotiation, and aggressive litigation. The firm’s website is SDSLawAz.

The firm will continue concentrating on family law, including divorce, infant custody, parenting time and visitation, child assistance, spousal support (alimony), and domestic violence.

Graduating Seniors At Perfect Conception Academy Earn $1.9M In School Grants

Immaculate Conception Academy, a Catholic secondary college in San Francisco, had seventeen universities visit the highschool this month for On-Site Admissions Day. The schools came on site to confirm application acceptances to the students who applied to their colleges. ICA has 49 graduating seniors and they have received 94 acceptances overall, together with $1.9M in school scholarships. Particular schools worth noting attending were Dominican University of California, Whittier School, Notre Dame de Namur, Menlo School, CSU East Bay, and Holy Names School. USF, a Cristo Rey partner, was also attending.

The process of applying is still open and acceptances will continue to be received throughout the college year. Krizette Garcia and Angelina Mesta hold up acceptance letters to NDNU received at On-Site Admissions Day. On-Site Admissions Day is an annual event at ICA where faculties announce in the flesh application acceptances and stipends given. It allows scholars to get a jumpstart on the procedure of applying, assisting them to hear from choice colleges before going on to make final choices on what colleges to attend. Schools that participate surrender application costs for the scholars who apply.

Unblemished Conception Academy serves students who come from families of limited finance means. The surrendered application fees and bursaries make it possible for students to chase higher education at schools that might instead be unreachable. Francesca Mallegni, Director of Guidance at ICA, asserted, “We are very happy with our seniors. I'm in constant amazement of the seniors and look forward to seeing all that they attain in their lives.” To learn lots more about ICA or to give please contact Katie Mayberry at (415) 824 – 2052 x forty or kmayberryicacademy. About ICA. Immaculate Conception Academy, a Catholic secondary college, prepares younger girls for school and a life of religion, integrity and service.

As a Cristo Rey college in the Dominican practice, they are committed to providing both a superb education and significant company work study experiences to scholars of limited financial resources. Find out more about ICA at icacademy Learn more about Cristo Rey at cristoreynetwork.

The Pittsburgh Conference Announces The 2012 Pittsburgh Meeting, Memorial National College Grants Award Programme, 37th Year

The Pittsburgh Conference and its sponsoring societies, the Spectroscopy Society of Pittsburgh and the Society for Analytical Chemists of Pittsburgh, are now accepting plans for the 2012 Pittsburgh Meeting Memorial National College Grants Award Programme. Qualifying organisations are invited to consider making an application for one of this year’s awards. The deadline for bill of completed applications and offers is Nov 1, 2011. Click here to get information regarding the award, the form, a description of the suitability standards, and a listing of prior award recipients.

Awards is scheduled to be announced during February 2012. Faculties chosen will join the list of the more than 2 hundred institutions honored since the establishment of this program in 1974. About PCMNCG. The Pittsburgh Meeting Memorial National University Grants Programme, originally established in memory of R. K. Scott, 1955 president of the Pittsburgh Conference, serves as a memorial to dead members of the Pittsburgh Meeting Panel by promoting excellency in science education.

Through the programme, tiny varsities can augment their science curricula through grants to get clobber and course materials. In 1974, 2 grants of $1,000 each were given. This year, the maximum funding available for each grant is $10,000, and there'll be roughly twelve of these awards. About Pittcon. The once a year event, Pittcon, (The Pittsburgh Conference on Logical Chemistry and Applied Spectroscopy) provides funding for these awards.

Pittcon is the world's largest conference and exposition for lab science offering the most complete technical programme on analytical chemistry and a premier exposition of analytical instrumentation, hardware, supplies and services. Visit pittcon for some more information.

Youngsters Of America Announces University Scholarship Programme

Children of America now offers a $1,000 Grant Programme meant to help parents start the process of planning for their child’s university education. Once enrolled, COA will begin the grant programme in the child’s name. “In today’s challenging industrial times, we know how alarming an investment in post-secondary college can be,” related Thad Pryor, Kids of America President and CEO, “We are committed not only to a child’s early education, but the college education that will provide help to prepare them as the leaders of tomorrow as well.”. The new Scholarship Programme is the following logical step in COA’s mission to supply a all-encompassing offering of educational resources to elders.

Although many states offer publicly financed grant programs, government budget cuts have left them strained for monetary support. “We know that folks only want the very best for their children, and a college education is a part of what every parent wants for their child’s future,” declared Jim Perretty, Vice Chairman and COO of Youngsters of America. “We have made a commitment to playing a continual role in teaching and supporting the next generation of leaders.”. The program is open just to new enrollees, and may be used for tuition for any varsity or school. For detailed information or to line up a visit at Children of America simply head off to childrenofamerica A business pathfinder, Youngsters of America’s curriculums are developed to accommodate key age ranges and include innovative teaching techniques like “Tray Tasking,” a learning tool proved to market early reading and writing skills. Children of America is a subsidiary of World Wide Kid Care Corp (WWCC). For more details about Children of America visit the internet site at childrenofamerica.